About Fengshen

Shanghai Fengshen Refrigeration Controls Co., Ltd specializes in the development and manufacturing of automatic controller, which matches refrigerator, freezers, air conditioner, boiler, heating units, water treatment system, air compressor, and fire control, etc. in use. Our products include: pressure control, differential pressure control, temperature control, flow switch, solenoid valve, discharge solenoid valve, thermostatic expansion valve, bidirectional thermostatic expansion valve, temperature responsive expansion valve, liquid injection valve, pressure controlled water valve, temperature controlled water valve, constant pressure expansion valve, oil flow switches and fluid sight glass, etc. Details

Fengshen is determined to provide the best OEM services for both products and packages. Our OEM service for our standard products is available starting at a minimum order quantity of 500 units per model, and for all other non-standard products (different technical specifications or different product design).