P6W-12D Pressure Switch

  •  P6W-12D Pressure Switch
  •  P6W-12D Pressure Switch

Product introduction
P6W-12D pressure switch is a pressure control device specifically designed for fire control system, characterized by a DPDT (double-pole double-throw) fast action switch that can control the water pump in the system by issuing two different signals, and can send out an alarm signal.

It is an automatic switch that acts according to the received pressure signal. When the controlled pressure is higher than the setting pressure value, it sends out an electrical signal to cut off circuit (or alarm) to stop the pump from working, and sends an alarm signal.

Product parameters
Pressure adjustment range 0.05~0.20MPa
Applicable medium Non-corrosive water and gas, engine oil ( ≤2°E)
Differential pressure <=0.04 MPa
Ambient temperature -40~+65°C
Maximum working pressure 1.6MPa
Medium temperature -40~+120ºC
Switch contact capacity A.C.220V 16A A.C.110V 24A
Contact capacity 220VAC 16A 110VAC 24A

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