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Automatic Expansion Valve

  •  Automatic Expansion Valve
  •  Automatic Expansion Valve

Product introduction
The PTV automatic expansion valve (hot gas bypass) can adjust the compressor capacity to make it match with the load of the evaporator.

It can be installed in a bypass of the high or low pressure side, through which the hot gas is conveyed from the high pressure side to the low pressure side, replacing part of the loads, thus making the suction pressure of the compressor not less than the limit value.

According to the difference in structure, the automatic expansion valves can be divided into two forms, the external balanced type and the internal balanced type, and the PTVE series adopts the form of external balance.

1. Small and exquisite angle design for easy installation.
2. Accurate pressure adjustment
3. Wide range of refrigeration capacity and adjustment

Model and parameters
Model Nominal capacity (kw) Connection size (in.) Adjustment range (MPa) Medium temperature ℃ Maximum working temperature Maximum test temperature
R134a R22/R407C R404A/R507C R410A Inlet Outlet
PTV8W-PL 7 11 7 12.5 3/8SAE 1/2SAE 0.5-1.0 -50-150 4.2 4.8
PTV10W-PL 14 22.5 16.2 25.5 1/2ODF 5/8ODF
PTV12W-PL 17 25.6 24.2 3 1/2ODF 1/2ODF

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