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FSF-YK Low Volume Liquid Flow Switch

  •  FSF-YK Low Volume Liquid Flow Switch
  •  FSF-YK Low Volume Liquid Flow Switch

Product introduction
FSF-YK low volume liquid flow switch is mainly used to measure and control the flow of liquid through the pipe, such as water, glycol, etc.

Its typical application is in the places where chain reaction or cutout protection is needed.

The low volume liquid flow switch is a paddle flow switch, suitable for water flow cutout protection of water source / water loop heat pump air conditioning units and heat pump water heaters.

Using a large load single-pole single-throw (SPST) switch featured by quick action ensures the instantaneous performance of the flow switch.

Its shell is made of special plastic with high density and low thermal deformation coefficient. The reed switch is the main component, which can be applied to all kinds of environments.

Technical parameters
Ambient temperature: -20℃-+50℃ relative humidity ≤85%
Applicable medium: water temperature: -10℃-+70℃, ≤1.0MPa
Electrical data: A.C.220V/8W D.C.24V/0.25A
Electrical connection: VH2 conductor terminal
Protection class: IP55
Connecting pipe size: G3/4"
Life cycle: at least 100K in the case of maximum fluid pressure without leakage or mechanical switch failure
Gross weight: 0.12kg

Rated current (A) Rated voltage (V)
A.C.110 A.C.220
Non-induced current 16 16
Induced current Full load current 16 8
Instantaneous current 96 48
Electrical data

Service life: 50000 times under the standard load
Paddle material: stainless steel (175×80×0.15 (T) mm)
Fluid temperature: -10 - +85 C
Applicable temperature: 10 - 95%RH, not condensing
Ambient temperature: -40 +85 C
Protection type: IP65
Protection class: III

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