FSF Flow Switch

  •  FSF Flow Switch
  •  FSF Flow Switch

FSF liquid flow switch is a control switch that obtains the signal directly through the medium flow, which has the advantages of simple installation, small volume, light weight, high sensitivity, reliable action, etc.

FSF liquid flow switch is mainly used to monitor and control the flow of the medium in various systems, which is extensively applied in food industry, water-cooled air conditioning, petroleum and petrochemical and other fields.

Technical parameters
Maximum ambient temperature: 80℃
Maximum fluid temperature: 110℃
Maximum fluid pressure: 2.5MPa
Maximum working voltage: AC 220V
Maximum working current: 1A

Model and parameters
Model Connection dimension Flow rate range Applicable medium Material in contact with the medium
Flow increasing Flow decreasing
FSF3/8 G3/8 2.6-2.9 2.2-2.9 R134a, R22, R407C, R404A/507 Copper
FSF3/8W 1/2" ODF
FSF1/2 G1/2 3.3-4.0 2.9-3.7
FSF1/2W 5/8" ODF
FSF3/4 G3/4 6.6-8.8 6.2-7.7
FSF3/4W 7/8" ODF
FSF1W 1-1/8" ODF 13.0-16.1 11.4-14.7

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