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Thermostatic Expansion Valve

    1. ASTV BWTV ETV Thermostatic Expansion ValvesASTV BWTV ETV thermostatic expansion valves can provide various refrigerant charging under various working conditions, which can meet the needs of refrigerators, ice machines, dehumidifiers, as well as refrigeration and air conditioners.
    1. CTV DTV Thermostatic Expansion ValvesThe CTV DTV thermostatic expansion valves are used to regulate the supply of liquid refrigerant in the evaporator, and the supply is controlled by the overheat degree of the evaporator.
    1. SSATV SSBTV Thermostatic Expansion Valves (Bi-Flow)The structure of SSATV SSBTV series two-way thermal expansion valves adopts the advanced bi-flow balanced flow port, which can be used in heat pumps, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, liquid coolers, ice machines.

Fengshen is a reputable thermostatic expansion valve manufacturer and supplier, we are contributed to providing well-qualified commercial refrigeration controls and industrial refrigeration controls, as well as offering complete fluid control solutions. We have a group of engineers in developing the automatic thermostatic control products, many years expertise in refrigeration, we can provide high quality thermostatic expansion valve with cost effective refrigeration solutions in client demands.

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