WTVP Thermostatic Injection Valve

  •  WTVP Thermostatic Injection Valve
  •  WTVP Thermostatic Injection Valve

Product introduction
The WTVP thermostatic injection valve is also known as temperature response expansion valve, which has two functions: one is to reduce the discharge temperature of the refrigeration compressor, the other is to lower the temperature of the compressor motor.

The valve receives the liquid refrigerant from the condenser outlet. Through the valve throttling, the refrigerant is injected from the suction port into the cavity of the compressor. When the refrigerant pressure at the inlet and outlet of the motor fluctuates, the corresponding pressure with respect to the temperature bulb feels will not be affected, so as to make the refrigeration flow achieve the precise requirements.

The liquid refrigerant is injected into the suction end of the compressor or the cavity through the valve outlet, thus playing a role in the cooling and protection of the unit.

Model and parameters
Model Opening temperature range ℃ Factory setting opening temperature ℃ Connection size in. Capillary length m
Inlet × outlet
Welded pipe Thread
WTVA H 65~105 85 1/2×5/8 1/2×5/8 1.5
WTVC H 75~120 95 3/8×1/2 3/8×1/2 1.0
WTVP H Fixed

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