WTV-H Thermostatic Injection Valve

  •  WTV-H Thermostatic Injection Valve
  •  WTV-H Thermostatic Injection Valve

Product introduction
The WTV-H thermostatic injection valve (temperature response expansion valve) has two kinds of Venus Tso, one is used to reduce the discharge temperature of the refrigeration compressor, the other to cool the compressor motor's temperature.

Accepting the liquid refrigerant from the condenser outlet, throttled through the valve, the liquid refrigerant is ejected into the compressor cavity through the compressor and the suction port, to cool the refrigerant and motor in the compressor chamber to reduce the discharge temperature and the motor temperature, thus achieving the purpose of improving the efficiency of the refrigeration system.

Technical parameters
Maximum working pressure: 4.2MPa
Applicable medium: R22, R407, R134a, R410a

Model and parameters
Model Opening temperature range (℃) Factory setting (℃) Connection (in.) Capillary length (m)
WTVAH WTVBH 65~105 85 1/2×5/8 1/2×5/8 1.5
WTVCH 75~120 95 3/8×1/2 3/8×1/2 1.0
WTVPH Stationary type
3/8×1/2 1.0

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