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    1. TWV series temperature control water regulating valves are suitable for refrigeration, machinery, laundry, chemical industry and etc., which are usually installed in the water inlet line of the cooling water.
    1. The PTV automatic expansion valve (hot gas bypass) can adjust the compressor capacity to make it match with the load of the evaporator. It can be installed in a bypass of the high or low pressure side, through which the hot gas is conveyed from the high pressure side to the low pressure side, replacing part of the loads.
    1. The SG series refrigerant sight glass is used to indicate the refrigerant in the liquid pipe in the refrigerating plant, the water content of the refrigerant, and the liquid flow from the oil separator to the compressor return pipeline. It is fitted with a moisture indicator to show the water content in the refrigerant according to the change of color.

Fengshen is contributed to providing commercial refrigeration controls and industrial refrigeration controls, offering complete fluid control solutions. We have a group of engineers in developing the automatic commercial refrigeration control products, many years expertise in refrigeration, we can provide high quality commercial refrigeration controls with cost effective refrigeration solutions in client demands.

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