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Multi-Function Regulate Valve

 Multi-Function Regulate Valve

Multi-functional regulator valves combine a main valve with other control valves. They are most often used in refrigeration systems using fluoride and/or ammonia refrigerants, in order to control the pressure and temperature in air regulation equipment. The RCV32 multi-functional regulator valve is generally installed on the side of high pressure, low pressure, wet-suction or dry suction pipes. The function all depends on the control valves that it will be chosen to be paired with, which receive the signal. Control the action of the main valve, and the valve becomes a controlling valve. The main valve is the mechanism for carrying out the flow processes, making it the regulator valve.

A. Enhances the general usage, making the valve applicable to numerous control processes
B. Users can choose one or more conduction valves to control the main valve, resulting in a better control effect and to ensure more functionality in a single valve. The multi-functional regulator valve is connected by a thread between the main valve and the control valve. Connection can also be achieved using a pipe.

Technical Data
Available medium: R22, R717, R134A, non-flammable refrigerant and non-caustic air or liquid
Temperature regulation range: -40~120℃
Max. working pressure: 2.8MPa
Max. testing pressure: 4.2MPa
Main valve min. open differential pressure: 0.007MPa
Main valve full open differential pressure: ≥0.022MPa

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