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Forerunner Pressure Regulate Valve

 Forerunner Pressure Regulate Valve

The PR series forerunner pressure regulation valve is widely used in large scale refrigeration equipment, designed to control the system evaporating pressure, condense pressure and regulate energy unloading in the compressor. This series of valves includes:
1. A PRD exhaust pressure regulation valve: this ensures the compressor maintains a consistent exhaust pressure, in order to avoid overloading.
2. PRE evaporating pressure regulation valve: this assists the refrigeration system in maintaining a proper evaporating pressure. This is beneficial for compressors utilizing suction pressure. It will also control the temperature to avoid freezing of moisture inside the evaporating machine.
3. PRC pressure differential regulation valve: this assists in keeping the pressure difference stable between the front and back of the valve, as well as vacuum unloading of the high and low pressure.

These pressure regulation valves are also available in other models according to system requirements for control and maintenance of the inlet pressure.

Electrical Data
Connection dimension: 10~32 mm
Pressure regulate range: high pressure: 0.5~2.0 MPa, low pressure: 0~0.7 MPa
Max. working pressure: 2.8MPa
Max testing pressure: 3.5 Mpa
Min open pressure differential: 0.01MPa
Medium temperature range: -12~120°C
Can be used in R134a、R22、R407C、R404A/R507、R717
Adjust range: 0.5~1.7Mpa
Connection size: 80mm.

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