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Multifunction Regulating Valve

Product introduction
The RCV32 multifunction regulating valve is composed of a main valve and one or more pilot valves with different functions, which is specially used for the refrigeration and freeze of fluoride refrigerants and ammonia refrigerants, as well as the control of pressure and temperature in the air condition. Its main valve can be installed on the high pressure side, the low pressure side, the wet suction pipe, the dry suction pipe, and the non-phase change liquid pipe of the refrigeration system.

The multifunction regulating valve works depend on the combined pilot valves. As control valves, they mainly receive the signal to control the main valve, a regulating valve for amplifying the actuator.

This combination control mode has the following advantages.
1. High universality: adaptable to a variety of control requirements
2. According to the needs, not only one pilot valve can be used, but also several pilot valves can be combined to control the action of the main valve, so as to realize a variety of control effect. Thus, a single valve can realize several different functions.

The pilot valves and main valve of the RCV32 multifunction regulating valve are in threaded connection, and they can also be connected to the control interface by outer tube.

Technical parameters
Temperature adjusting range: -40~110℃
Maximum working pressure: 2.5MPa
Maximum test pressure: 3.5MPa
Minimum opening differential pressure of the main valve: 0.01MPa
Full opening differential pressure of the main valve: ≥0.025MPa

Accessories pictures
  • Temperature Control Valve
  • Differential Pressure Control Valve
  • Solenoid Control Valve

Technical specifications of valve series
PGVL low pressure control pilot valve pressure adjusting range: 0~0.7MPa
PGVH high pressure control pilot valve pressure adjusting range:0.6~2.5MPa
DGV differential pressure control pilot valve differential pressure adjusting range: 0~0.7MPa
TGV temperature control pilot valve temperature adjusting range: 20~60℃
SGV solenoid control pilot valve maximum working pressure: 2.1MPa

Relevant introduction
Constant pressure regulation and electromagnetic closing function: keep the constant evaporation pressure and have the electric closing compensation function.

The RCV32 main valve is in threaded connection with a SGV solenoid control pilot valve and a PGV pressure control pilot valve

The constant pressure regulating temperature control valves limit the evaporation pressure and keep the constant medium temperature of the main valve. The RCV32 main valve, the PGV pressure control pilot valve and the TGV temperature control pilot valve are in threaded connection.

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