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Stainless Steel Flow Switch

  •  Stainless Steel Flow Switch
  •  Stainless Steel Flow Switch

The FSF series stainless steel flow switch is used to measure and control the flow of liquid in a pipe, such as water or alcohol, as well as in other places where a chain effect or cutout protection is needed. These stainless steel flow control switches utilize an SPDT switch, a fully sealed structure as the shell, and stainless steel interior components, making it useful for nearly any conditions.

FSF-A series flow switches are used for caustic liquid, and are also made from stainless steel.

Technical Data of Stainless Steel Flow Switch
Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +60℃
Liquid temperature: -25 ~ +110℃
Max. liquid pressure: 1.5MPa
Cable connection: The cable entry can be used for 14mm dia.
Level of protection: IP55 and IP65 optional
Approvals: CQC (China), CE (Europe), RoHS.

Electrical Data
Voltage (V) AC110 AC 220
Current (A)
Non-inductive current 16 16
Inductive current Full load 16 8
Starting 96 48
Type & Data
Model Connection Crust Medium Material in contact with the medium
FSF50P-2 1/2"-14NPT Seal plastic case Water Brass
FSF50P-3 3/4"-14NPT
FSF50P-1S 1"-11 1/2NPT
FSF50P-1-65 1"-11 1/2NPT
FSF50P-2A 1/2"-14NPT Caustic liquid Stainless steel
FSF50P-3A 3/4"-14NPT
FSF50P-1A 1"-11 1/2NPT
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