Solenoid Valve

    1. Solenoid Valve with DiaphragmsThe SV series solenoid valve is a two way, closed solenoid valve, or a normal open solenoid valve with diaphragms. They are widely used in refrigeration, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, boilers and firefighting.
    1. Two Way Bi-Flow Solenoid ValvesThe SSV series two way, bi-flow solenoid valves are widely used in defrosting applications in wind cooled heat pump refrigeration units and defrosting of supermarket refrigerators.
    1. Water Solenoid ValveWater solenoid valves use fully-closed magnetic coils and DIN international standard electric plugs, ensuring the excellent insulation, water and moisture resistance, vibration resistance and corrosion resistance.
    1. Direct Acting Solenoid ValveThe SV1.6, SV2, and SV3 direct acting solenoid valves feature a compact structure, easy installation and maintenance, and operate quickly. This series is widely used in refrigeration, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
    1. Solenoid Valves with PistonThe NSV6A series 2 way normal closed solenoid valves operate even when there is no pressure difference, making them useful for non-corrosive refrigerants in refrigeration systems.
    1. Discharge Solenoid ValveThe SV-XZ series of discharge solenoid valves, also known as a capacity regulator, is usually installed on the cylinder lid of compressors. These valves carry out an automatic unloading adjustment for refrigeration compressors, according to the evaporator capacity.
    1. Ammonia Solenoid ValveASV series ammonia solenoid valves use a fully closed coil, and are known for their moisture, vibration and corrosion resistance. They can be used as an agent for ammonia and Freon in refrigeration systems, as well as pneumatic, hydraulic and water supply systems.
    1. Four Way Solenoid ValveSolenoid valves can be used in three position, four way combinations of fluoride and ammonia screw refrigeration compressors and air compressor energy control systems.
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