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Company Profile

Shanghai Fengshen Refrigeration Controls Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer of automatic controllers which are ideal for use in refrigerators, air conditioners, boilers, air compressors, heat pumps, medical products, hydraulic equipment, fire control and other HVAC equipment. Since our inception in 2000, we have had nearly two decades to perfect both our product and our manufacturing process and we have done just that, providing our clients with high quality products produced with a very high degree of production efficiency!

Our company has built a professional staff of outstanding senior domestic technicians experienced in research and development and the design of refrigeration automatic control components. In addition, other staff members are professionals who have multi-aspect expert qualifications and abundant industry experience. We have rounded out our accomplished team with a stable technology research and development and engineering management team. Through strict engineering management and continuous reliability testing of new products and mature products in a professional laboratory, the consistency of the quality of our products is guaranteed.

Superior products
Shanghai Fengshen takes on the responsibility of product innovation for the entire industry and we develop more than 5 new products every year, providing clients with an abundance of choices to fit their every need! Over the years we have obtained nearly 20 product patents and have provided several new products in the domestic market, including:
● Oil flow switch (also won the national innovation fund project)
● Two way solenoid valve
● Three way solenoid valve
● Combination thermostatic expansion valve (also won the national innovation fund project)
● Water flow switch
● Ammonia refrigeration solenoid valve
● Discharge pressure regulating valve
● 410A series
● Four way refrigeration solenoid valve
● Micro differential pressure

Fengshen Controls has established a series of outstanding, scientific management ideals and utilizes a strict quality assurance system established by the ISO9001 international standard to regulate the company's management practices, adopts Japan's JIT (JUST IN TIME) lean production model to implement production management, and takes "6S" (SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SAFETY) for on-site management. These systems combine to provide clients with products featuring reliable quality, excellent performance and reasonable prices and ensure that our company reaches the maximum production capacity of 1.2 million sets per year.

Our company creates value for customers by offering differentiated products and services. In conjunction with a customer-specific system, we support product customization and help customers optimize the system and reduce costs. In addition, we assist customers in joint design of the system.

Core competence
Powerful product design capability
Fengshen's strong product design talents provides customers with long-term comprehensive product solutions, which achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Diversified products and extensive customers
Shanghai Fengshen offers a total of 13 different categories of products, with core products being our pressure switch, differential pressure switch, flow switch, temperature switch, pressure control water regulating valve, temperature control water regulating valve, refrigeration solenoid valve, thermostatic expansion valve, thermostatic injection valve, automatic expansion valve, refrigerant sight glass, multifunction regulating valve series etc.

Our products have been sold to nearly 5,000 customers worldwide. All our production lines operate in full accordance with R410A operating conditions, and we have earned positive recognition from our entire customer base.

We are very proud to announce our domestic and international customer network includes nearly 5,000 customers.

High quality pre-sale service
In addition to providing high-quality automatic controllers with many advanced technologies, Shanghai Fengshen also supplies superior pre-sale service. From your first order (call) to the delivery of the final product, you will be well served and receive many benefits, such as: prompt delivery, excellent pricing, pleasant cooperation and so on. Due to our high-quality products and good service, client's needs and their client's needs will both be satisfied in the long run.

Comprehensive after-sale service
Our company is very fortunate to be staffed by a strong service force so that is eagerly waiting to assist our clients in product model selection, product operation, troubleshooting and other technical problems at any time to make buying from Shanghai Fengshen a completely worry-free situation.

China's refrigeration auto-control component industry is facing strong international competition, and Shanghai Fengshen is meeting this future with full confidence to rise to the challenge. Our goal is to become the most powerful, the best and the world's most influential manufacturer of refrigeration auto-control components, making Shanghai Fengshen a world renown brand!

Shanghai Fengshen Refrigeration Controls Co.,Ltd.

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